LTS Emergency Response

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Services


We know the landscape and have the experience and expertise to help you stay on top of emerging information.

The LTS Emergency Response Team is actively assisting emergency managers nationwide. During the COVID-19 pandemic, LTS has delivered 26 statewide COVID-19 services contracts totaling over $1.35 Billion and serving over 50% of the states in the U.S. conducting:

  • Over one million COVID-19 tests (nasal PCR, saliva PCR, and rapid antigen)
  • Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Our vast national footprint ensures a staffing reserve and an extensive network of licensed, certified emergency response professionals. This supports rapid recruitment, training, and deployment of high-performing, cross-functional teams anywhere in the United States, enabling:

  • Hundreds of thousands of staff daily deployments nationwide
  • Thousands of clinical staff trained on COVID-19 testing and vaccination
  • Tens of thousands COVID-19-focused events
  • Comprehensive…

    LTS brings together 15 years of program management experience serving Federal Agencies, built expertise in its Healthcare Services Practice, and its proven COVID-19 testing and vaccination model to deliver comprehensive, turn-key program management.

    Our full spectrum of services includes:

  • Properly resourced teams of medical and non-medical personnel to ensure professional delivery of medical services and proper site operational management
  • Full testing and vaccination site set-up, execution, and decommissioning, including all structures and power
  • Site planning and coordination including site surveys, key facility personnel interviews, and site mapping
  • Procurement and supply chain management for all personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • CDC, FDA, EPA, OSHA and other regulatory agency compliance planning
  • Mitigation planning
  • Engaging local health departments and other federal and state authorities
  • Partner and client communications
  • Patient appointment scheduling, intake, registration, and appointment verification
  • Test results reporting to patients and authorized agencies
  • Program and contract management services
  • On-site project management services
  • Telemedicine and telehealth services
  • Cultural competency and language access solutions to decrease service barriers
  • COVID-19 Response strategic planning services and solutions
  • Recruitment/staffing and mandated training, certifying, and retaining clinical and non-clinical personnel
  • Site and event safety planning and execution services including security, infection control, escalation planning, and disinfection
  • Logistics management, including signage, safety-focused site workflows, minimizing wait times, traffic control, waste removal, and other services
  • Cold chain management of all approved COVID-19 vaccines, including cold storage and handling (dose preparation, inventory management, administration) for vaccine safety and effectiveness
  • Patient education, monitoring, and response for adverse reactions
  • Knowledge transfer to build clients’ capacity and resilience