Core Competencies

We provide a full-spectrum of IT program support, from software engineering and systems integration, information assurance and infrastructure management to program management and administrative support

  1. Cloud Solutions – LTS provides capabilities to our customers that include developing solutions for cloud deployment, designing cloud collaboration environments, maturing existing solutions to the cloud, and optimizing the security, support, and sustainment requirements to allow for the realization of cloud strategies and the realization of planned Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. CyberSecurity – LTS protects its clients with cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards for information assurance. We help clients move from a less desired cyber risk profile to an optimal level of maturity through innovative solutions that combine threat modeling visualization with security engineering expertise and select tools to more accurately assess and continuously monitor the cyber health of an entire system.
  3. Analytics and Decision Support (ADS) – LTS develops modern data visualization and advanced analytics capabilities for an approach to maturing data and its usability for mission critical decision support. We provide tools and techniques that empower user groups to analyze data in order to gain knowledge, business value and empower decision-making, the goal being to allow for the answering of questions that the user may have not even known to ask.

    (Our mission is to consistently deliver superior analytic and decision support services to our clients while fostering a climate of innovation and customer ROI (return on investment), by helping our customers understand and solve complex challenges and build self-sustaining internal analytics capability, all while leveraging the customer’s current infrastructure investments.)

  4. Enterprise Mobile Solutions – LTS develops all solutions with mobile as a required delivery channel of capabilities to users. Through Mobile First and Responsive design, we develop platform agnostic, advanced User Experience capabilities that maximize functionality for users on desktop and mobile platforms, providing them a common User Experience and maximizing the efficacy of the solutions that we deliver.

    (Our focus is integrating telemedicine tools into the large healthcare systems with a focus on patient centered engagement with a focus on video, store and forward, mobile and remote patient monitoring technologies.)

  5. Health Information Exchange (HIE) – LTS develops custom longitudinal health record capabilities and health interoperability solutions that empower patient care and improved provider efficiency. We perform this interoperability and integration for modern and legacy health IT systems through the adoption of data interchange standards.
  6. Core Technologies – LTS has standard, firm-wide processes, tools, and capabilities that support the delivery of all of our solutions across our core capabilities. These include but are not limited to: Infrastructure Management and ITSM, Software Development and Systems Integration and Cyber Security. These are the mature and robust tools with which we build, offer, deploy, and sustain solutions.